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5th Grade Expectations
Fifth grade teachers are excited about having the opportunity to teach your children. Fifth grade is an important transitional year to get your children ready for middle school. Your children will be expected to be independent and responsible for their academic success. Together, with your involvement, we can make this a great year for your children!

Your child will learn some very interesting things this year!

Math - Whole Number Operations, Decimals, Fractions, Geometry, Measurement, Place Value, Algebraic Expressions
Reading - Comprehension strategies using a variety of fiction and nonfiction materials
Social Studies - Civil War, Citizenship, World War I,II, Great Depression, Cold War, Civil Rights Movement, and Economics
Science – Habits of Mind, Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science,
Writing/LA - Use of the Writing Process to produce well written narrative, informational, opinion/persuasive essays.

Our fifth grade family has two clusters.
Meet our team:
-Mrs. Smith (ELA)
-Mrs. Powell (Science and Social Studies)
-Ms. Duggan (Math)

-Ms. Evans (ELA, Social Studies)
-Ms. Gainer (Math and Science)

Other members who work with our children are:
-Mrs. Meeks
-Mrs. Hawkins
Fifth Grade Staff & Information


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Stephanie Chatman

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Michal Evans

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Jennifer Giovannini

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Shana Rogers

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Janet Smith

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